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To Fight Drought, Kenyan Women Farmers Adopt Conservation Agriculture

“I learned that there are pests that affect the cereal family and do not affect the legumes, so rotation helps avoid pests,” says Gaceke. Persistent drought in Kenya has left 2.7 million people in need of food aid. (AFP/Tony Karumba) Local farmers started asking Gaceke to teach them all about conservation agriculture after they saw her harvest more than 15 bags of maize from just one acre of land last year, when the area was suffering through drought, and most of them had harvested much less, or nothing at all. Since learning the method, she has trained 12 neighbors, eight of whom have adopted conservation agriculture on their farms. “Now people call me the ‘agricultural officer’ and come to me for advice,” Gaceke says. “Many people have copied my way of farming, which is transforming this village.” According to Mercy Mulevu, the FAO field officer for Meru County, more than 10,000 farmers in eight Kenyan counties have adopted conservation agriculture practices. Around 80 percent of the farmers in the program are women, far exceeding the initial target of 40 percent. During this planting season’s training sessions, the teacher introduced the farmer to specialized equipment, including a jab planter, to help with tilling and preparing planting lines. Now Gaceke is teaching her neighbors how to use these machines instead of hand hoes to dig planting holes, saving them time and reducing labor, since fertilizer and seeds go into the ground at the same time. “I used to hire at least two people while planting.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.newsdeeply.com/womenandgirls/articles/2017/06/14/to-fight-drought-kenyan-women-farmers-adopt-conservation-agriculture

Rise Above - @rafcebu created a program for women in need to weave & sell baskets from used rice bags. A little guy enjoys his Mom's work.