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Wal-Mart says even the expansion of stores with curbside pickup for groceries is helping, since people realize they forgot an item or two and run into the store. And as rivals like Target struggle to get their grocery departments right, Wal-Mart is placing a priority on essentials like peanut butter, paper towels and fresh produce that shoppers buy often. Amazon’s stores are mainly showcases for gadgets, or are textbook and furniture pickup locations aimed at college students. But it keeps innovating, and it’s testing an Amazon Go convenience store, where sensor track items as shoppers go and there’s no need to check out. Amazon just opened its first bookstore in Manhattan and seventh overall. Moreover, Amazon also launched two grocery pickup kiosks in Seattle that allow Prime customers to buy fresh items online and pick it up in as little as 15 minutes instead of having them delivered. The service is free, and there’s no order minimum. Shipping remains intensely competitive. Amazon Prime members in more than 5,000 cities and towns can receive orders the same day or the next, depending on the item and location.

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FNAF: The Twisted Ones is out now in certain stores! As of now, you can't buy it online.